Dongguan 3F 2017 Press Conference Started Tour Around China

Author: HKFA.ORG | Time:2017-03-08

[Houjie, China] The first stop of the 2017 International Famous Furniture Fair (Dongguan) National-wide Press Conference was held on December 19, 2016, in Houjie International Hotel, Dongguan, China. Mr. Jacky Fang, the General Manager of the Organizing Committee demonstrated the upgrade and new strategies of Dongguan 3F for 2017 and for the near 5 years, which is believed to better meet the demands of furniture industry and the market.




Mr. Jacky Fang, at the beginning, gave a report of Dongguan 3F’s performance in 2016. This year saw another new record of visitors coming to Dongguan, which totally reached to 125,922 in March. The Autumn’s fair, whose date was changed from September to August, turned out to be a proper decision and successful milestone to Dongguan 3F. Seeing the giant market potential, more than 1,200 producers have already booked the booth for the next March fair, and nearly 800 of them have also booked the space for the following August show.



Dongguan 3F has a history of 18 years to serve and lead the furniture industry forward. It has nourished thousands of furnishing manufacturers and built connection between the producers and other furnishing businessmen on this platform. For 2017 and the following 5 years, Dongguan 3F will do more to provide better services to the exhibitors and visitors in the following 8 fields:

1.Reform the allocation of the exhibitors. In 2017, Dongguan 3F will have a new floor plan to display the furnishing products, according to the industrial trends and the change of market preference.

The most eyecatching part is the launch of a brand new 3F Export Furniture Fair. This new fair is to be held in the same time with Dongguan 3F, but having a dedicated exhibition building only for export furniture exhibitors and overseas buyers, separated dining area, business lounge and a prayer room, providing the most convenience for the buyers. 3F Export Furniture Fair is located in Hall 1.1 & Hall 1.2.




Besides, 3F will present a new Furnishing and Design Pavilion in Hall 3.2. “Design Delights the Future.”  This design pavilion will display the inspiration and creation of some excellent designers in China, hoping to collect more focus on design for furniture producers.

Also, a Whole House Custom-made Furniture Pavilion and an IF Italian Furniture Pavilion is under schedule. These two new compositions will be on the stage on the 2017 August fair.




2.Optimize the visiting route of Dongguan 3F. So far, 3F has 9 indoor exhibition Buildings and some more outdoor display space, taking a total area of 750,000 sqm. This March, 3F will improve the layout of Hall 4,5,6 & 7, and increase more escalators and direction signs to enable the visitors not miss any exhibitors or business opportunity.




3.Launch a new Golden Wing Awards. In the past 18 years, Dongguan 3F praised and awarded the outstanding exhibitors, design and products in the name of Dongguan 3F.  Based on the number one furniture tradeshow in China, Dongguan 3F Awards became a symbol in China furniture industry. In the coming fair, this award will be upgraded to Golden Wing Awards. It is no longer a domestic honor, but also an International award. It is appraised by International jury and awarded to the industry home and abroad. The award ceremony is to be held on March 17, 2017.




4.Adopt a new image and a new VI system. From 2017, Dongguan 3F cooperates with MingHanTang Design, which is one of the best design and branding promotion companies in China. The new look of Dongguan 3F will surely bring fresh air to all coming.




5.Gather more excellent exhibitors. For the upcoming 37th 3F furniture fair, there already are more than 1,200 exhibitors confirming their participation, of whom 60% have also booked their space in the following August fair. In the following 5 years, Dongguan 3F plans to enlarge the number of the exhibitors and enrich the product types to offer more choices to the buyers.




6.Invite buyers through a variety of channels. Along all the 18 years, Dongguan 3F accumulates a large number of buyer data, including distributors, franchisees, importers & exporters, retailers, designers and so on. Beside all the invitation methods being used, Dongguan 3F organized a call center in 2016, making the contact between buyers and the organizer become more direct and efficient.




7.Hold a series of press conference around China. From 2016 December, Dongguan 3F starts its roadshow around China. Dongguan is the first stop. And then Hangzhou and Chengdu are on plan. Later Dongguan 3F will set its foot in Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. to make people know the new plan and actions of Dongguan 3F.




8.Maximum the effect of March and August fair. The biggest change of 2016 Dongguan 3F is the date change of the Autumn fair, which is from September to August. It turned out to be a correct change and a successful fair. In the March fair, the exhibitors launch their new products and concepts. While in the August fair, they present the improved products to better meet the market demands. Dongguan 3F will continue guiding the exhibitors and the visitors to make good use of this tradeshow pattern.




Mr. Jacky Fang believes that 2017 is a turning point for China furniture industry. Dongguan 3F will continue to serve and guide the industry forward.




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