Hong Kong Furniture Association was established in 1991. It is a non-profit making organization in furniture industry. With the pass twenty years development, the association have over 200 members and manufacture support and recognize. HKFA step over the national wide already be the best association within the furniture industry. Our objectives including provide the newest market explore, the highest technology and materials information to our members. The aims is to help them to raise their productivity.

Every year we will hold different kinds of inspection teams. To initiate the international world- wide furniture market culture and news. We have reached to Italy, Germany, Singapore, Japan and different places around Southeast Asia. At the same time, in order to upgrade Hong Kong brands competitive strength, we have visit different research center and discuss courses offer to our members. Our association also set up our HKFA website and have launched a new furniture magazine.

Hong Kong furniture Association starts “Hong Kong Week” activity in Shenyang in 2005, we achieved great success, creating a joint marketing in the furniture industry manufacturer new model, enable Hong Kong brand and Enterprise brand into one of the leading market brands. “Hong Kong Week” is special support by Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the Hong Kong brand Development Council and the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency, it’s built by Hong Kong Furniture Association manufacturers joint marketing platform, and organize strong market, brand well-known furniture brands. It’s from CEOs to attend national activities. In China's major cities, selecting excellent local shopping center, joint manufacturers, marketers, distributors advance offer promotions to assemble a powerful "Hong Kong Brand ". It’s disseminate advanced culture to lead the furniture trend. After years of development, “Hong Kong Week” have rich content, and profound cultural connotation, fanfare, growing national consumer favorite, at a more affordable price will be able to enjoy a modern home living! At present, “Hong Kong Week” had dabbled in Changchun, Dalian, Shenyang, Wuhan, Jinan, Beijing, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Changsha, Chengdu, Suzhou and other provinces in all metropolitan upsurge caused Hong Kong furniture.

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1. No bad Records within furniture enterprise, recognize Association culture and have motivation to join our Association.
2. Application forms can download from our internet ( or through phone call to contact our Association. 
3. Secretary Department will contact the company to verify relevance information. hggyuyu
4. Secretary Department will process the application immediately when reply slip received, and then finally approved by our Standing Committee Member.
5. After approved by our Committee, applicant need to pay the annual fee and admission fee. Since then applicant become a member of our association and start to enjoy our benefit.

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