Located in the central and south of Pearl Delta Region and close to Hong Kong and Macao, Houjie is easily accessible from all the major cities in Guangdong Province and Hong Kong and Macao as well. Overseas visitors can choose flying to either Hong Kong, Macao, Guangzhou or Shenzhen directly and then make a transfer to Houjie. It is easy, safe and convenient.

Our recommended route is you fly to HK International Airport, then take a ferry to Humen (A town next to Houjie in Dongguan), then take a taxi from the ferry terminal to 3F show campus or our host hotels.Please note that air-to-sea passengers with checked baggage should arrive at the Ferry Service Counter 60 minutes before ferry departure. For more information on ferry service, please download the Ferry Passenger Guide here.

To book ferry tickets, click here.

If you need some personal advice on your trip planning, you can drop an email to Mr. Charley Wang, the International Relations Manager at charley@3f.net.cn. He will be more than happy to assist you. For hotel booking or airport pickup, please contact our Official Travel Agent directly.

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From Hong Kong

From Macao International Airport

From Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

From Shenzhen International Airport

Travel within Guangdong

Travel within Houjie

For more information on trips to Houjie, Dongguan, you can always visit the websites of Hong Kong International Airport , Macao International Airport ,Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Shenzhen International Airpor . Of course, we will constantly update travel webpage in our website athttp://www.3f.net.cn/e to serve you better. You may also approach the Business Center in your hotel for assistance on return trips.

Visitors to 3F Fair can choose from a variety of hotels. Complementary shuttle service will be offered from all host hotels to 3F Fair's campus on fair open days.

Houjie Map

From Hong Kong
From Hong Kong International Airport:

You can reach Houjie in style from Hong Kong International Airport either by coach or by ferry. For maximum comfort, transfer by ferry is recommended. The traveling time is about 70 minutes. The ticket is about HK$350. For ferry transfer passengers, immigration and customs procedures are not required at the Hong Kong International Airport, but only when you arrive at Humen in Dongguan (next to Houjie). Your luggage is claimed at Humen too. After landing in Humen, you can take a taxi to your hotel or 3F Fair's campus. The traveling time is about 30 minutes depending on the traffic conditions.

Meanwhile, you may also choose to come by direct coach, which stops at all the hotels above 4 stars in Dongguan. It takes about 3 hours to Dongguan. A single trip is HK$200.

For more information on ferry service, please download the Ferry Passenger Guide here.

To book ferry tickets, click here.

For the location of Mainland Coach Services Counter at Hong Kong International Airport, please download a map here.

For more information on trips from Hong Kong, you can visit Hong Kong International Airport website .

From Macao International Airport

Houjie is directly connected with Macao International Airport by coach. 8 services are running daily. The traveling time is about 3 hours and a single trip is HK$150. For more information please visit Macao International Airport website .

From Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is about 200 km away from Houjie. A direct coach can take you to Dongguan Bus Terminal for RMB50 and the traveling time is about 2 hours. After landing in Dongguan, please take a taxi to your hotel or 3F Fair's campus. The traveling time is about 45 minutes. For more information, please visit Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport at www.gbiac.net/en . You can also approach the information counter in the Arrival Hall at the airport after you land.

You can also choose to take a taxi to Houjie directly. The traveling time is 2 hours and the fair is between RMB 300-400.

From Shenzhen International Airport

Shenzhen International Airport is about 45 km away from Houjie. A directy coach can take you to Houjie. For more information, please visit Shenzhen international Airport at http://eng.szairport.com .

You can also choose to take a taxi to Houjie directly. The traveling time is 45 minutes and the fair is between RMB 200-300.

Travel within Guangdong

To/from Guangzhou Railway Station

Guangzhou Bus Station (opposite to Guangzhou Railway Station)Shatian Town (Via GDE)
6:30-20:00, every 30mins, RMB40.00

Guangzhou Bus Station (opposite to Guangzhou Railway Station)Houjie Special Line Bus station
6:30-20:30, every 30mis, RMB35.00
Transfer by taxi  GDE, about 15mins, RMB20.00

Provincial Bus Station (Beside Guangzhou Railway Station)Houjie Bus Terminal
6:30-20:30,every 30mins, RMB38.00

To/from Shenzhen Railway Station
Step 1 Luohu Business City Bus StationHoujie Special Line Bus Station
7:35-21:05, every 30mins, about RMB45.00
Step 2 GDE is about 15mins away by a taxi, RMB20.00

To/from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Shunde and other major cities

A . Leaving Houjie from Houjie Bus Station to
a Guangzhou (Provincial Bus Terminal), 6:30-20:00, every 25mins, RMB38.00
b Shenzhen (Bao'an, Nantou, Shekou, Huanggang, Airport) 6:30-19:30, every 1hour, RMB45.00
c Zhongshan (Shiqi), 7:35-19:05, every 30mins, RMB50.00
d Shunde (Via Lunjiao), 4runs, 7:30\8: 30\13:30\14:50,RMB55.00
e Zhuhai (Gongbei Bus Station), 8:20-18:30,every 1hour, RMB70.00
f Panyu (Shawan Bridge), 4 runs, 7:30\8:30\13:30\14:50, RMB40:00
g Foshan, 7:30-18:00, every 1.5hours, RMB45.00

B Leaving Houjie from Houjie Special Line Bus Station to
a Guangzhou (Guangzhou Bus Terminal/ Guangyuan Bus Station), 5:10-19:00, every 30mins, RMB35.00
b Shenzhen (Booth No.2, Luohu Business City), 5:35- 19:00 , every 30 mins, RMB45.00
c Zhongshan (Shiqi), 7:30-18:30,every 30mins, RMB50.00
d Shunde (Daliang), 7:10-18:30, every 1hour, RMB55.00
e Zhuhai (Gongbei Bus Station), 7:45-18:45 , every 1hour , RMB70.00
f  Panyu (Shiqiao Bus Station), 7:20- 18:50 , every 20mins, RMB40.00
g Foshan, 7:30-18:30, every 1.5hours, RMB45.00

To/from Hong Kong Prince, Kowloon Tong, Shatin (about 2.5 hours traveling time)
Departure from Houjie: 8:05, 18:05
Departure from Prince, Hong Kong: 10:00, 14:00, 18:00
Departure from Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong: 7:35, 10:05, 14:05, 18:15
For more information,
Dongguan:+86-769-85838888 ext. Business Center
Prince Hong Kong: +852-27781222
Kowloon Tong Hong Kong: +852-91048909
Shatin Hong Kong: +852-91034919

To/from Dongguan Bus Station

By No.67 Bus (Via GDE)
6:30-18:30, every 10mins, RMB6.00

By Dongguan  Humen Bus (Via GDE)
6:30-18:00, every 10mins, RMB6.00

By Car
Visitors from Guangzhou and Shenzhen can drive to Houjie through Guangshen Expressway and exit at Houjie Exit. Then follow S256 Provincial Road (former G107 National Road) or Bolan Road to reach the campus.

Travel within Houjie

1. Complementary Shuttle
Complementary shuttle service is offered from all the host hotels to 3F Fair's campus, inside the campus between all the buildings during the show open days. Please present your badge when boarding.
2. Taxi
You can move around Houjie and Dongguan by a taxi. The taxi fare starts at RMB9. Remember always ask the driver to go by meter and ask for a receipt when you get off.

PS. The above mentioned prices and time table for information purposes only.

Contact for Official Travel Agent

Ms. Joanna Su
Dongguan International Travel Services
Tel: +86 13549277111
Email: hfhz_china@hotmail.com
Website: www.dits.com

Hotel Name(Star Grade) Tel/Fax Hotel Facilities
Free Shuttles Business Center Gym Room Western Restaurant Broad brand Swimming Pool
Regal Palace Hotel
five star
HJ International Hotel
five star
Sheraton Dongguan Hotel
five star
Grand Mercure Dongguan Houjie Accor
five star
Kande Club Hotel
four star
Well Garden Hotel
four star
Haiyatt Garden Hotel
five star
Jianglong Hotel
four star
Boss Business Hotel
three star
Baoli Hotel
three star
Century Garden Hotel
five star
T:88868888 F:81631111
Lungchuen Int'l Hotel
five star
Grand Noble Hotel
five star
T:85117888  F:85125479
Winner Way Hotel
four star
Hyatt Regency
five star