Leading the Furniture Trend C CBD Famous Furniture Fair

Author: HKFA.ORG | Time:2017-09-14

Hundreds of thousands of professional exhibitors from all over the world, gathering with the leading and capable furniture brand to create a new trend of world-class furniture. The 38th International Famous Furniture Fair opened on 11th August .

CBD Furniture continued to lead the trend which was rated as the most popular super-IP by people in the fair, especially which is one of the furniture brands that be favored by senior investors.




Customize your life, customize your wealth

Based on international raw material procurement, fine manufacturing,dealer-partner system, customer service system online and offline and other global supply chain to optimize and innovate solutions. CBD Furniture use the minimalist style, modern solid wood and luxury collections to customize a banquet for new middle class and high-end groups.





The market is changing, but the mission will never change

Continuous upgrade of products, personalized pursuit of customers, new retail thinking in the industry

The market has been changing, only the CBD people have been struggling to win the market with excellent execution, learning and innovation.




Life, everything is possible. Achieving the beauty of home life, CBD Furniture is your best and reliable choice!

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