Mr.Huang Jin Bao

Author: HKFA.ORG

Mr.Huang Jin Bao

We believe in sincere cooperation and brand insistence, share joys and sorrows of life and strive forwards together, creating the legend of Hong Kong furniture development. It is your unremitting efforts and selfless devotion that make Hong Kong Furniture Association a place full of vitality and energy.

As the new chairman, I will pass on the cultural spirit and development strategy of Hong Kong Furniture Association. Firstly, we will insist the democratic concept and collective decision mechanism; Secondly, we should maintain the Hong Kong furniture’s industrial brand leading position and market leading influence advantage; thirdly, we should enhance the cooperation with International Famous Furniture Fair, initiating a new way for business cooperation. Fourthly, we will enhance the connection and communication with Hong Kong government and relevant department, working hard to make Hong Kong Furniture Association an industrial organization that can boom and stabilize Hong Kong economy; Fifthly, we should be open-minded to accelerate those enterprises which have nationwide brand power to join the Association; Sixthly, we collaborate with institutions of higher learning and scientific institutions to achieve the new breakthrough of industrial adjustment and upgrading.

Over twenty years, in which we have been attached to each other like brothers and have grown to maturity, creating Hong Kong Furniture brand. Over twenty years, in which we have been in the same storm-tossed boat and have worked at our utmost, witnessing the development of Hong Kong Furniture Association. The core value of Hong Kong Furniture includes our enterprising spirit innovative concept and democratic mechanism. After the period when the Chinese furniture age experiences adjustment and development, it will surely enter a new brand age

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