Youth Club

The Youth Club of Hong Kong Furniture Association

Our members of Hong Kong Furniture Association have been in furniture industry for many years and all have second generation whom are ready to take over their business. We keep pace with the time and therefore “The Youth Club of Hong Kong Furniture Association” has been formed and let them generate friendship together; providing this platform to facilitate them to show their abilities and talent.

General Provisions

1、Committee Name: The Youth Club of Hong Kong Furniture Association (Referred to as youth club)

2、This Committee is to promote Hong Kong furniture association cultural exchange and   development of non-profit organizations


The Youth Club of Hong Kong Furniture Association was established in October 2012, which is form by the second generation of the members. The Youth Club members are mainly young people with aged between 20 – 40 years old, they all intend to work in the furniture industry. Youth members have enthusiasm and creativity to carry out valuable and meaningful community activities; achieve information sharing, enhance understanding of the industries, widen their social aspect, and they ultimately become a new force in the furniture industries.


1) Close contact with the association to strengthen communications; actively establish long term membership, exchange information and expand social group;
2) Utilize members’ working experience in different industries to enable them know more about new knowledge; broaden members’ view and social relationship communications;
3) Monitor domestic and international market information, expand personnel training, organizing academic exchanges;
4) By organizing these activities, it will inspire and promote members’ leadership skill;
5) Coherence the members’ power to develop new ideas and become the Youth Intelligence and new blood in the furniture industry; and
6) Participate in the social welfare, establish youth healthy image and model.


1) Expedition – Visit furniture and related industry to understand the development, production procedures and structure; visit various exhibitions; understand the market overview and commodity trend;
2) Cross – industry exchanges – organize tours for different industries or visit branded companies; learn about different cultures and management model;
3) Integrated Networking – Organize various recreational activities such as boating, BBQ, hiking and so on, to promote members’ relationships;
4) Training courses – Held various types of training and technical seminars for members in order to get the latest information; and
5) Public contribution: Under the group name to participate social activities, care of the community to establish a positive and healthy corporate image.


The prerequisite to join the Youth Club membership is the applicant (s) should be the member of “Hong Kong Furniture Association” either the family and self, the age between 20 – 40 years old and at work, regardless in any trade, are welcome to join this dynamic team.