Retail and Home Design Committee of Hong Kong Furniture Association

It is established in 2012. Is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong Furniture Association (HKFA), as the main body of the Hong Kong Retailer, Home Living, and absorb interior design companies to participate in industry organizations.

Our History

Hong Kong Furniture Association (HKFA), founded in 1991, is a non-profit making institution, we gather more than 200 companies and these are the elite organization in the Greater China.

The main mission and goal for HKFA is to serve members to drive and promote furniture production, trade and development, co-ordinate trade shows, promoting technological progress, assist enterprises to expand the market. Furthermore, providing domestic and international market dynamics to members carry our personnel training, and the improvement of the industry standard.

Aims of Establishment

Hong Kong is a bustling metropolis and full of miracles. World class architecture, state-of-the-art fashion design, multi-cultural characteristics, all highlighting the stunning charm of the city. Home retail and interior design industry has played a positive role in the development of the overall market in Hong Kong; it also greatly influenced the development of the furniture industry.

Retail and Home Design Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the committee”) was established for the furniture industry in Hong Kong, the circulation of the industry and interior design sector to build supply and demand exchanged platform, is conducive to the public to promote modern home, safeguard the industry’s interest and promote the sustainable development of the industry,

We gather Home and Furniture industry related business owners for the aim to provide quality services to them, evoking trade exchanges, mutual benefit and common development of consciousness. In the future, the Committee will work with various trade organizations and public institutions, to establish a close partnership to achieve common development goals.

Objectives and Functions

To actively carry out the exchanges of information, technology, management between home retailers, interior design and furniture manufacturers which benefit to members;

1) Assisting the development of HKFA to enhance Hong Kong and the neighboring regions, and the international furniture industry information exchanges;

2) To develop and encourage household products to enhance standards and design meet with the quality of service, to maintain quality brand of Hong Kong, and to promote to the world;

3) Bring together the industry elite to consolidate their contacts to open up the members connections, that gives members a platform to contact with the public and to promote the exchange of different levels in the industry;

4) Promote and encourage the improvement of the design, construction, material quality; providing training to members so that they can better grasp the latest technology to meet market needs;

5) Promote the public health, safety and ECO concern issues; and

6) Establishment of membership information network through website, facebook, and exhibitions.

Membership Service

The Committee provides consultation, publication, information, and exhibitions to members, highlights include:-

▲     Brand information platform: The magazine of  《HONGKONG FURNITURE》 and Hong Kong Furniture  website 《 》is one of the important platforms between HKFA and members, including the latest developments, policies and regulations, economics analysis, standardization work, international information, statistics, and expert forum. In addition to serve our members, it is an important media for the public to understand the home industry in Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong brands.

▲     Courses and training: In order to improve the level of skills and capabilities of the training, offers courses, workshops and exchanges, seminars and academic activities so that retailers, furniture manufacturers, designers and material suppliers can understand and share the latest technology and professional message.

Forums and design exhibitions: Assisting Hong Kong interior designers in recognition outstanding designs, host the Design Forum and Design Competition;

Market Expansion  Resource Centre / Excelliance

Resource Centre: To assist members to expand their information base by establishing the information networks, collecting and collating home industry, as well as   various business – related information including the latest economics conditions, real estate information, government development projects, and

Excelliance: Integrated retailers, interior design company and furniture manufacturing enterprises so that they take full advantage of Hong Kong’s state-of-the-art experience and design standard to enhance self-development space. At the same time, assist Hong Kong retailers and design company to provide high-quality environmental friendly household products.

Grasp the opportunities Organizing exhibitions / Study the market / Business cooperation

Organizing exhibitions: With nearly 20 years experience in organizing exhibitions and with strong customer data base, HKFA plans to capture more business opportunities for its members by organizing various exhibitions;

Study the market: To organize a delegation to visit various types’ exhibitions and market study, by carrying out idea exchange with peer organizations as well as establish and ties up the friendship each other; and

Business cooperation: In recent years, it has a rapid growth in China economy and led to develop lot of large –scale property projects which chains up lot of furniture related business. HKFA will lead members go into this potential market and communicate with all levels of government and large brand stores, motivate and create business cooperation mode.